Economic Insights is an economic consulting firm that provides rigorous economic advice to firms, regulators, legal counsel, government agencies, and international organisations.

Our team specialises in the provision of advice in the following areas:
  • Economic regulation;
  • Infrastructure assessment, policy, and planning;
  • Competition policy and trade practices;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Cost benefit analysis and economic modelling;
  • Reducing the burden of regulation;
  • Economic development policy;
  • Public policies.

Economic Insights economists are experts in applied economics, economic modelling and quantitative methods. Our team has experience in applying quantitative based approaches to economic and business questions in high profile competition, regulatory, infrastructure and public policy issues.

Our team has been engaged in all of the major infrastructure network industries. Within the electricity, gas, transport, telecommunications, postal and water industries the firm provides regulatory and performance measurement advice to a wide range of government agencies, regulators and infrastructure utilities. We also provide advice in the agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, insurance and trade sectors.

As well as having worked extensively in all Australian states and New Zealand, Economic Insights senior economists have experience in a range of countries in the Asia Pacific region, North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our team is committed to a philosophy of producing advice that is rigorously founded in research, economic ideas, quantitative information and analytical reasoning.

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