Economic Insights consultants have provided advice on a wide range of economic regulation, competition policy, infrastructure and economic development issues. Examples of key projects and reports in eacbh of these areas are given below.

Economic Regulation

Economic Insights has provided advice to regulators, regulated businesses and government agencies on all aspects of the economic regulation of infrastructure including:
  • Appropriate forms of regulation;
  • Incentive and productivity-based regulation;
  • Identification and quantification of efficiency gaps;
  • Regulatory parameters including the setting of X factors;
  • Asset valuation issues;
  • The cost of capital;
  • Cost allocation methods;
  • Pricing principles and tariff setting; and
  • Regulatory public benefit tests.

Examples of our projects and reports by sector can be seen by clicking on the following industry links:

Competition Policy

  • Report on the competition implications and public benefits of the Queensland Water Grid Manager and associated asset aggregations and regulatory arrangements (2007).
  • Expert report on market definition and competition issues in relation to the use of a bulk cargo unloading crane system at Geelong Port (2007).
  • Advice on the competition implications of joint ownership by banks of an EFTPOS system.
  • Assessment of the competitive effects of telecoms mergers and vertical integration issues in Portugal.
  • The competitive effects and public benefits of licensing restrictions in wagering and gaming for TabCorp.
  • Assessing the competition implications of Telstra's broadband prices and the bundling of telecommunications products including the use of imputation tests.
  • Expert witness for Queensland Crown Law on collusive price fixing arrangements and associated damages in the concrete industry in South East Queensland.
  • A public benefit assessment of restrictions on competition in the provision of compulsory third party insurance.
  • The competition implications of vertical and horizontal integration in the electricity industry in Australia for electricity utilities.
  • Airline alliances, market structure and efficiency, prepared for Qantas in relation to the proposed alliance with Air New Zealand.
  • Market definition and competition issues in relation to the allocation of timber milling licenses for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.
  • Adviser to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on predatory pricing.
  • Public benefit effects of the takeover of Queensland Independent Wholesalers by Davids for a private client.
  • Adviser and expert witness for the Trade Practices Commission in the proposed takeover by Coles Myer Limited of Foodland Australia Limited.
  • Adviser and expert witness for the Trade Practices Commission in the proposed takeover by QUF Industries Limited of Port Curtis Dairy Association Ltd.
  • Economic adviser for Sagasco (a major gas exploration and distribution company) in a takeover bid by Santos.
  • Economic adviser and expert witness for Queensland Independent Wholesalers in the proposed takeover by Davids Holdings Pty Ltd. Advised on market definition, potential competition, barriers to entry and vertical integration.


  • Econometric estimation of cost functions and productivity measures for benchmarking Australian, New Zealand and US gas distribution businesses.
  • Assessment of the economy wide effects of closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter in New Zealand.
  • Report on the future of infrastructure in Australia, focussing on regulatory and other policy issues affecting investment including principles and frameworks for effective regulation, competition and vertical integration issues, the effective use of public private partnership arrangements, taxation arrangements and case studies.
  • Quantifying the economic impact of alternative road, rail and public transport investment and pricing strategies using a general equilibrium model for the Queensland Commission of Audit.

Economic Development

  • Review of policies and performance of State Owned Enterprises in Papua New Guinea from independence to 2015.  This report presents a framework to assess governance, regulation and performance of SOEs in both commercial and economic development contexts and applies it to the experience in Papua New Guineas from independence to 2015.  The focus is on SOEs providing essential services or undertaking economic development projects that the private sector is unwilling to undertake without substantial government support. Click here to see our report.
  • Comprehensive economic development reports on Papua New Guinea and virtually all Pacific Island countries since 1992. The reports have covered most aspects of public policy relevant for economic development, including the enabling environment and role of government, public enterprise reform and privatisation options, and social and environmental issues.
  • Lead adviser to the World Bank and Privatisation Commission of Papua New Guinea on privatisation issues and strategies for all entities to be privatised in Papua New Guinea and project manager for the sale of the major government-owned commercial bank and compulsory third party insurer.
  • Country risk assessment of various Asian, Middle East and Pacific Island countries for private clients. This involved the development of a comprehensive risk assessment framework and its application to several major countries including China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.
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