• Reports for the Independent Competition and Consumer Commission (Australian Capital Territory) on various issues relation to the regulation of water and sewerage prices including the tariff structure, cost of capital, incentive schemes and developer charges (2016-18).
  • Report to the Commonwealth Department of Environment in 2014 on the efficiency of the Murray Darling Basin Authority's River Murray Operations joint venture (RMO), including an economic benchmarking study of RMO compared to similar Australian rural water businesses, using data envelopment analysis. Click here to see the report.
  • Report to the ESC in 2014 on productivity trends and comparative productivity levels of Victorian urban water businesses against urban water businesses throughout Australia, including an econometric benchmarking study using stochastic frontier analysis. Click here to see the report.
  • Undertook an assessment in 2007 of the competition implications and public benefits of the proposed Water Grid Manager in South East Queensland.
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